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48V DC Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump for Solar & Battery Off Grid Systems

  • $2,399.00


Maximum Efficiency Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner
for people running Solar with 48V battery systems. 

We have 1 ton and 2 ton units in stock (12,000 and 24,000 BTU/h). They look like conventional mini split systems but the guts are entirely different. These units squeeze the last drop of efficiency from your limited power supply.

If you need air conditioning for your 48 volt solar system, you have three options:

Option 1: Use an inverter to run a conventional air conditioner. You have to buy a separate inverter or allocate resources from your existing inverter. At best, you will have an inefficient, noisy system, as the inverter will work hard any time the air conditioner is on, wasting your precious electricity. At worst, your inverter may not even be able to start up the compressor as many of us doing serious off grid air conditioning find out, the hard way.

Option 2: Use a "hybrid" solar/AC mini split. These systems are actually regular mini splits with an MPPT charge controller and inverter built in. They require AC input to operate but offload power to solar when available. They are frankenstein systems that suffer from the same problem as option 1 - inefficiency. You cannot run them directly off a battery.

Option 3: Buy this pure DC 48V system and enjoy the simplicity, quietness, reliability, and highest efficiency that only a pure DC system can offer with absolutely no inversion and power loss.

Cold & Colder 48V Pure DC Mini Splits:
  • Can run directly off a 48 volt battery bank with absolutely no inverters
  • Use a 48V Brushless DC variable output compressor
  • Use 48V fan motors on both the condenser and head unit
  • Wire directly to your 48V battery / Charge controller output

Specifications (1 Ton System)
  • 12,000 BTU/h Cooling; 13,000 BTU/h Heating
  • 42 - 54 V DC Power Input (recommended use 10 AWG wire)
  • Maximum power input 750 Watts; 16A
  • Indoor Unit: (net/gross): 28 / 33 Lbs; 33" x 12.8" x 10.4"
  • Outdoor Unit: (net/gross): 99 / 106 Lbs; 36" x 14.5" x 24"
  • R-134a Refrigerant
  • Included: Indoor & outdoor unit, 10 Foot line set, drain hose, remote and manual
Specifications (2 Ton System)
  • 24,000 BTU/h Cooling; 28,000 BTU/h Heating
  • 42 - 54 V DC Power Input (recommended use 8 AWG wire)
  • Maximum power input 1300 Watts; 32A
  • Indoor Unit: (net/gross): 37 / 42 Lbs; 39" x 12.6" x 8.5"
  • Outdoor Unit: (net/gross): 127 / 143 Lbs; 35" x 13" x 28"
  • R-134a Refrigerant
  • Included: Indoor & outdoor unit, 10 Foot line set, drain hose, remote and manual

Using technology similar to SEER 27 air conditioners, the brushless DC compressor runs on pure DC power at variable frequency and refrigerant flow depending on cooling load. The all-DC solar air conditioner uses DC power directly without needing an inverter or other AC power source. Due to solar voltage fluctuations the unit cannot connect directly to solar panels and must have a stable source of power (batteries). This unit is therefore ideal for people with existing 48 volt systems and the air conditioner would be connected to the power bank / MPPR charger output via a 20 amp DC breaker.

Depending on conditions, the entry-level setup can operate up to 10 hours per day using 4 x 250w panels. A configuration of 6 panels can provide up to 15 hours of daily operation, with 8 panels yielding up to 20 hours. A 10 panel configuration can handle up to 24 hours per day operation. Batteries and charge controller must be sized appropriately; if you require assistance you are welcome to call or message us for a free consultation.

Free shipping within 48 Ground States. Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska please contact us for a quote, approximately $200 extra.

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