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Indium Foil Cooling Thermal Pad Alternative to Thermal Paste/Grease for Peltier

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99.995 Pure Indium Thermal Pad
50-100 µm thickness • 81.8 W/(m·K)

Pure Indium thermal pad is, in many cases, the premium thermal interface material, as long as you can apply some compressive force holding your parts together, it offers far greater thermal conductivity of 81.8 W/m-k compared to 35 W/m-k for graphite sheets or 8 W/m-k for thermal grease. It seeps into the microscopic grooves between your parts and provides a lifetime of service with no risk of degradation or drying out. It also makes disassembly mess-free.

For supreme results, clean all the parts with a dilute acid solution like a little hydrochloric before mating.

If you were looking for this product and found it, you probably already know what it does so we will save you the additional reading.

We have this product in 100 microns, in 40*40mm, 80*80mm, and 80*240mm sizes. We also have 40*40mm sheets available in 50 micron and 75 micron thicknesses. The larger sizes are also useful for cutting out gaskets if you're into vacuums and such. 

Custom sizes are available, minimum orders start at around $1500 so some bulk purchasing may be required. Enjoy!

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