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Ultra Clear Pure Silicone Tubing by the foot - All Sizes

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Maximum transparency, pure silicone tubing does not age or crack, remains flexible and kink-free with age, and is free of all toxic chemicals. This tubing is suitable for drinking water and medical use if properly sterilized. Once you use silicone tubing, you won't go back. Silicone is UV resistant; it does not age and deteriorate outdoors. The tube is very pliable and stretchy, allowing you to make tight turns and stretch it over barbs that are a little too big. Our silicone tubing is platinum cured for maximum transparency and zero leachable by-products, making it the ideal choice for all fluid transfer applications, in a wide range of temperatures from freezing to burning. Silicone remains supple and pliable even in extreme cold, while insulating and allowing transfer of extremely hot fluids. Silicone will withstand up to 500F without deterioration.

Advantages of silicone
  • UV resistant; does not deteriorate outdoors
  • Extremely flexible and stretchy
  • Does not collapse when bent like PVC tubing 
  • BPA and lead free; food safe, medical safe
  • Compatible with Ozone generators
  • Extremely durable
  • Insulates extreme heat and cold
  • Works from -100°F to +500°F
  • Choose the size directly on this page
  • FDA Food & Medical Grade Silicone
  • Maximum translucency
  • Hardness SHORE-A 50 for most sizes; 70 for extra small and extra large sizes to avoid wall collapse
  • Platinum catalyst cured

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