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Ultra Clear Platinum Silicone Tubing - Food & Medical Grade - High Temp Hose

Ultra Clear Platinum Silicone Tubing - Food & Medical Grade - High Temp Hose

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If you're tired of hard PVC hoses, use silicone tubing instead. Once you use silicone, you won't go back. Silicone is UV resistant; it does not age and deteriorate outdoors. The tube is very pliable and stretchy, allowing you to make tight turns and stretch it over barbs that are a little too big. This size (1/4 * 3/8) is very versatile - common uses are small water coolers, blocks and pumps, pumps for fountains, solar, coffeemakers, and other applications. This tube has a thick 1.5mm wall so it can accommodate a bend radius of approximately 1.5 inches - you can make a 3 inch U-turn without the tube collapsing when empty. If silicone collapses, it will spring back without any creases, because the material is incredibly stretchy and resilient to damage.

Maximum Transparency

It's not "crystal" clear, but this platinum cured silicone tubing is the most transparent silicone possible. In addition to extra clarity, our silicones feature higher tensile strength and rigidity compared to peroxide-cured based silicones.

Food & Beverage Safe

Biocompatible material used in medical and food industry. This makes it the ideal flexible hose for things like water chillers, drink dispensers, and coffee makers.

Performs in Heat & Cold

Does not get hard when freezing outdoors and stays soft. Doesn't get soft and doesn't deform or melt when heated. Can be used with boiling water or similar procedures.

Outdoor UV & Age Proof

Will not degrade with exposure to the sun. Tubing will turn more milky with time or acquire the color of the liquid you're pumping, yet its performance will remain 100%, today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now. No plastic or vinyl can do this.

Durable & Kink Proof

Works hard without damage. Pull it. Twist it. Squishy. Silicone is easy to squeeze shut but it returns to its full shape without damage or cracking. It is easy to cut, careful with sharp objects.


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