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Solid Copper Turbo Fan Radiator cpu heatsink cooler for Peltier, LED up to 200W

  • $36.00

Slim Turbo Fan Solid Copper 1U Heatsink
For LGA2011 • Ideal for Peltier Coolers


We primarily sell these for Peltier cooler chip applications; however, this is a perfectly valid LGA 2011 heatsink; 80mm screw-to-screw.

Very high quality, capable of eliminating up to 200 watts of heat from your CPU / Peltier Chip / LED / whatever you throw at it.

  • Incredibly thin footprint - unique ducted fan design allows you to duct air flow from the fan under pressure unlike traditional axial fan designs. Perfect for fitting into tight spaces where a large heatsink would not fit.
  • Large base of 45 * 45 mm. If your target chip is 40*40, the extra padding provides a boost to ensure even cooling.
  • Precision CNC machined, heavy copper block, 88*88mm footprint.
  • Powder coated iron shroud forces air flow from all four sides of the heatsink, to the center, and out the centrifugal fan.
  • Product weight: 374 grams (13.1 oz). That's almost a pound.

Since CPU heat sinks are a hot debated item, the following is our opinion only why this is a superior product.

Massive copper base transmits heat from the source in all directions. Nothing beats pure copper, with twice the heat transfer rate of aluminum, it gets the job done. Copper is expensive but you get what you pay for.

Forced air centrifugal turbine fan pulls and pushes air under pressure. The large centrifugal fan will move a lot of air under pressure under the most stressful conditions, such as an enclosed environment. Axial fans are far more likely to poop out. Also, this fan is fully enclosed which makes this a much more rugged and durable product. And, remember you can duct the heat out of centrifugal fans as they put out pressure. You can't do that with an axial fan.

Yes, heat pipes are cool, and in principle they can outperform a solid copper block. But you never know if the heat pipe heatsink you are buying has the proper, expensive wicking-type heat pipes or not, and regardless, all heat pipe performance will degrade dramatically if they are not upright. This heatsink will eliminate heat in any position. It is not affected by gravity. And thanks to the turbo fan, the air flow is so close to the source, heat just doesn't have a chance.

Yes, water cooling is cool also. But I see water cooling as an overly complex, long conveyor. This device gets the job done in a much more compact, simple, clean, reliable, and efficient method.

PWM Fan Speed Controller for 4-pin heatsink fans

We carry the rare ZF1X4-1707 PWM fan speed controller (click) which will automatically modulate your heatsink fan with the included temperature probe. 

Highly recommended, to use with a heat sink of your choice (even if you don't buy ours).


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